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{Her} Friday Five


If you recall, a few weeks ago I started a series where I am compiling an ongoing NYC to-do list. Since I moved to the city 5 years ago, I found myself constantly adding restaurants I want to try or activities I want to experience to ‘my list’, yet there was never a real list. So here on HOW I have started my never-ending list. I have promised to report back once I cross an item off the list and keep adding 5 items every few Fridays. Here is this week’s list:

 Comedy Cellar: My husband, Alex and I have tried to get tickets SO many times! We even tried to wait in line one night to get into this iconic comedy club in the West Village, with no luck. Some incredible comedians have gotten their start and preformed there (Chris Rock, Louis CK, Robin Williams…) and some big names like Amy Schumer (OMG) have made surprise appearances. I am dying to get tickets and spend a night laughing my booty off.  I just need to be proactive and get them far enough in advance!

Vandal: The guys who brought us Tao have opened up the newest and best, and impossible to get into, hot spot restaurant in the city. Alex was lucky enough to score two seats at the bar with his best friend a few weeks ago and hasn’t stopped raving about it since. From the impeccable food to the hot decor, it is a place I need to try!

Staycation Here, here, here or here (duh): I have never done a staycation here in NYC and I am getting the itch to experience some of the hottest hotels in the city. I am ready to check in for a few days, relax, and find my home away from home in my home town. Definitely necessary!

Get a Facial: Wouldn’t mind one here or here: All I have to say is I have never had a facial. Seriously. I have BEYOND sensitive skin and I have always been really nervous to get one, but I REALLY want one! I need to find the perfect salon to take care of my skin! ON MY LIST!

Barney’s Downtown – New Barney’s… need I say more?

Please shoot me an email if you have recently gone somewhere amazing you think is worth adding to my list!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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