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{Her} Friday Five.

Happy Friday!

I am starting a new series I am calling {Her} Friday Five. It is going to be an ongoing list of five things I want to try out on my ‘list’. Living in New York City there is always a new restaurant to try, a restaurant you just haven’t gotten around to trying, a new show to see, a museum you want to check out, new store to shop… the list can go on and on. When it comes to trying new places, I find myself saying, “Oh ya! That is on my ‘list!'” But, as it turns out, I do not actually have a list. I want to create a space where I can share places I want to go, then when I try it out, I will report back.


Here are my first five:

  1. Trapeze School Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw swing in the air with the greatest of ease, I KNEW I had to try. Why, I haven’t gotten around to attending Trapeze School is beyond me. It looks like so much fun and I cannot wait to try it when the weather warms up!
  2. Queen of the Night (When it reopens) This is a bit heartbreaking to me, actually. So, I had been dying to go to this cirque du soleil meets burlesque meets open bar and a lobster dinner since it opened. When we finally decided to buy tickets for my 30th birthday on January 11, we found out it was closing on NYE. Ugh!! So upset! But, good news, it’s reopening at a new location, so I am 100% going then!
  3. The Whitney The new American Art museum that opened in the Meat Packing District is supposed to be really amazing, and has incredible roof top views, plus it is next to The Standard Grill, on of my favorite restaurants.
  4. Get a Burger at Corner Bistro I constantly claim I am a New Yorker. But, any true New Yorker would tell you it takes time, hitting certain rights of passages, and going certain places before you can be a TRUE New Yorker. One of these things on my my husband’s list (he was born and raised here) is getting a burger at Corner Bistro. No frills, served on a paper plate, he says is a NYC staple; then it is on my list!
  5. Dinner and drinks at Mayahuel I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this speakeasy-type Mexican bar and restaurant. They boast an incredible tequila and mezcal menu (yes please!) and food is supposed to me amazing. I mean tacos are the way to any girl’s heart right?

If you hear of an amazing new place, shoot me an email! I would love to add it to the list and check it out!

Have a great weekend!



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