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Autumn in New York.

This autumn is so much more special than any other of my life. I am officially in nesting mode and my baby boy is taking up all my thoughts. #pregnantbrain is a real thing! As the seasons change so is my life and so is our home, we started construction in our apartment on Monday to build baby boy’s nursery! I seriously cannot even believe that I just wrote those words. I can’t believe I get to meet my boy face to face in less than 3 months!! It’s like you wait what feels like an eternity for huge life milestones; high school graduation, college graduation, nailing your first ‘real’ job, meeting the love of your life, for some getting married and having children. Then all of a sudden these things start to happen, maybe not all of them, but all of a sudden, you’re saying, ‘Wow it’s been 10 years since college?!’ ‘Our wedding anniversary is coming up!’ Or, ‘Im about to have a baby.’ Life happens way too fast, but I am taking it slow and loving soaking in all of these changing moments.

I started taking photos of the construction of the changing nursery and will share a full before post then a nursery reveal! Hubs is a suuuuper talented designer so plans for the room are really exciting! The room should be totally finished by the first week of November, my baby shower is the beginning of November so we want it done by then. Then baby boy will be here in December. Wowza.

This look is such a typical look for me. Layers and layers of basics topped off with a hat. Now that I am getting biiig, I am finding my go-to is dress with a cardigan or jacket or jeans and a tee with a duster, cardi or jacket. Keeping my style as close to my non-pregnancy style as possible. This dress is so comfy and has stretched with my belly even though it isn’t maternity. The material is super flattering and the twist detail takes this LBD to a whole new level! Nothing I am wearing here is maternity, so feel free to shop away!

Suki + Solaine // Her Open Window

Hat: Nordstrom (Less than $30!) Denim Jacket: JCrew Jacket: SheIn c/o Dress: Suki + Solaine c/o

Booties: Urban Outfitters c/o Bag: Lo & Sons c/o Sunnies: Celine 

Suki + Solaine // Her Open Window

Look at that bump! This was about 2 weeks ago when I was 26 weeks preggo.

Suki + Solaine // Her Open Window

This bag is waaaay too good. It is a laptop bag with a lining that can be pulled out then placed into a different shell. Same bag two ways and you bet I will double it as a diaper bag! Totally chic, yes?

Suki + Solaine // Her Open WindowSuki + Solaine // Her Open WindowSuki + Solaine // Her Open WindowSuki + Solaine // Her Open Window





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