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Move in Mavi.

When I first started blogging I wasn’t sure if and how I was going to make any blogging friends. I didn’t know if it was a caddy, competitive world or if I would find that the women are kind, genuine and supportive. I was willing to take this whole thing head on, by myself. Well, thankfully I am not in this alone and I have met some of the most incredibly kind, supportive women who have gone from ‘Instagram-friends’ to real-life-life-long friends. Blogging requires a lot of time alone, styling, writing, Pinning, Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, editing… but having found strong, supportive and incredibly fun women to enjoy all of it with (and be able to whine to when needed) has been the greatest gift in blogging. We support each other’s posts, show up to each other’s events, text advice when needed, give honest feedback, take photos of one another, and have the best girls nights out.

While shoots tend to be done solo in front of the lens, this shoot was extra fun because I got to shoot with two of my closest blogging girlfriends . Michelle, Cassandra and I were so excited to all be apart of the same campaign and work with Mavi Jeans. As you know by now, I am a denim addict and believe not all denim is created equal. Well, I have to tell you, Mavi lives up to my extremely high denim standards. The quality is fantastic, the fabric is soft and the jeans hold their shape throughout the day. Also, they are suuuuper comfortable. I was about 15 weeks preggo in these pics and just starting to show and was able to feel comfortable in these jeans. I was not wearing a belly band, just doing the good ol’ hair tie trick to keep the button closed. I have refused to wear any other jeans since finding out I am pregnant. These are just that comfortable. Promise if you try them, you will be hooked too.


Jeans: Mavi On Cassandra On Me On Michelle


Have a great weekend with your squad!





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