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Five Things that have been added to my NYC Bucket List. Let me know if you have done any or any things I have to try!

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic I have wanted to go every year since I moved to the city. What is better than a beautiful summer day in the sun, getting dressed to the nines with Veuve in hand? The fashion always is perfect and the event seems like the perfect way to kick off the summer!

Big Apple BBQ Ok – So… Little known fact about me, I LOVE BBQ. Like, I love it. Ribs, brisket, burnt ends, burgers, hot dogs, grilled corn, BBQ sauce… all of the above. I went to college in Reno, NV and it’s neighboring city, Sparks NV holds America’s largest BBQ Festival every summer. Now this may not sound like much to you, but if you live in Reno or the surrounding area, you look forward to 3 things each summer: 1. Warm days on Lake Tahoe. 2. Reno Rodeo (Yes, seriously.) 3. Rib Cook Off.  My bestie and I would go every day of the festival to try several ribs from different vendors and always finish the day off with fresh kettle corn. So when Alex and I found out about the Big Apple BBQ last year the day after it ended, we were obviously totally disappointed but super excited to stop by next month.

You can take the girl outta the country, but you can’t take the country outta the girl.

Flea Market Another little known fact… I hate thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. Now… let me explain. My mother LOVES everything about searching for treasures in thrift stores, she loves it so much she decided to open up her own thrift store in my home town. She loves her shop and I do too. I could not be more proud of her! But… she would bring me to countless thrift shops and garage sales as a kid and I despised it. I hated the smell (her store smells great BTW) and the fact that you dont know who owned an item before it got there. I would wait in the car for her. I know, brat. So this has stuck with me and I realize how stupid it is. There are some AMAZING finds out there and crazy deals. So… this summer I am going to get over it and go to a Flea Market and I am determined to find something cool.

Mom would be proud.

Sleep No More Dark, interactive theater with dinner and drinks at The McKittrick Hotel. Heard nothing but amazing things and I need to go see it!

Helicopter Tour Totally a tourist thing, I know. But can you imagine, flying above NYC looking down on the buildings, Central Park, Yankee Stadium, the millions of people. Oh, it gives me goosebumps thinking about how amazing it would be! I really want to do this!!

Checked off the list:

Vandal – I went to Vandal about a month ago for one of my bestie’s birthdays and let me tell you it really lives up to the hype. The entrance to the restaurant is a flower shop, very speakeasy-like. It is a gorgeous entrance even with a cashier as if it was a real shop. The true entrance to the restaurant is filled with ridiculously amazing art and art sculptures. The restaurant itself is HUGE, has wonderful food, great music and a beautiful crowd. Be sure to stop by the espresso cart and photobooth too!  If you are looking for a really fun night out, head to the club downstairs. FYI: It takes a month to get a reservation, but totally worth the wait!


If you recall, a few weeks ago I started a series where I am compiling an ongoing NYC to-do list. Since I moved to the city 5 years ago, I found myself constantly adding restaurants I want to try or activities I want to experience to ‘my list’, yet there was never a real list. So here on HOW I have started my never-ending list. I have promised to report back once I cross an item off the list and keep adding 5 items every few Fridays. Here is this week’s list:

 Comedy Cellar: My husband, Alex and I have tried to get tickets SO many times! We even tried to wait in line one night to get into this iconic comedy club in the West Village, with no luck. Some incredible comedians have gotten their start and preformed there (Chris Rock, Louis CK, Robin Williams…) and some big names like Amy Schumer (OMG) have made surprise appearances. I am dying to get tickets and spend a night laughing my booty off.  I just need to be proactive and get them far enough in advance!

Vandal: The guys who brought us Tao have opened up the newest and best, and impossible to get into, hot spot restaurant in the city. Alex was lucky enough to score two seats at the bar with his best friend a few weeks ago and hasn’t stopped raving about it since. From the impeccable food to the hot decor, it is a place I need to try!

Staycation Here, here, here or here (duh): I have never done a staycation here in NYC and I am getting the itch to experience some of the hottest hotels in the city. I am ready to check in for a few days, relax, and find my home away from home in my home town. Definitely necessary!

Get a Facial: Wouldn’t mind one here or here: All I have to say is I have never had a facial. Seriously. I have BEYOND sensitive skin and I have always been really nervous to get one, but I REALLY want one! I need to find the perfect salon to take care of my skin! ON MY LIST!

Barney’s Downtown – New Barney’s… need I say more?

Please shoot me an email if you have recently gone somewhere amazing you think is worth adding to my list!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Happy Friday!

I am starting a new series I am calling {Her} Friday Five. It is going to be an ongoing list of five things I want to try out on my ‘list’. Living in New York City there is always a new restaurant to try, a restaurant you just haven’t gotten around to trying, a new show to see, a museum you want to check out, new store to shop… the list can go on and on. When it comes to trying new places, I find myself saying, “Oh ya! That is on my ‘list!'” But, as it turns out, I do not actually have a list. I want to create a space where I can share places I want to go, then when I try it out, I will report back.


Here are my first five:

  1. Trapeze School Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw swing in the air with the greatest of ease, I KNEW I had to try. Why, I haven’t gotten around to attending Trapeze School is beyond me. It looks like so much fun and I cannot wait to try it when the weather warms up!
  2. Queen of the Night (When it reopens) This is a bit heartbreaking to me, actually. So, I had been dying to go to this cirque du soleil meets burlesque meets open bar and a lobster dinner since it opened. When we finally decided to buy tickets for my 30th birthday on January 11, we found out it was closing on NYE. Ugh!! So upset! But, good news, it’s reopening at a new location, so I am 100% going then!
  3. The Whitney The new American Art museum that opened in the Meat Packing District is supposed to be really amazing, and has incredible roof top views, plus it is next to The Standard Grill, on of my favorite restaurants.
  4. Get a Burger at Corner Bistro I constantly claim I am a New Yorker. But, any true New Yorker would tell you it takes time, hitting certain rights of passages, and going certain places before you can be a TRUE New Yorker. One of these things on my my husband’s list (he was born and raised here) is getting a burger at Corner Bistro. No frills, served on a paper plate, he says is a NYC staple; then it is on my list!
  5. Dinner and drinks at Mayahuel I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this speakeasy-type Mexican bar and restaurant. They boast an incredible tequila and mezcal menu (yes please!) and food is supposed to me amazing. I mean tacos are the way to any girl’s heart right?

If you hear of an amazing new place, shoot me an email! I would love to add it to the list and check it out!

Have a great weekend!



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You know when you wake up on Monday morning and you are actually refreshed from the weekend? That was me today. That feeling as been rare lately as I have been crazy busy, but it really was a great few days. Here are snap shots for you!

Her Open Window Weekend Wrap UpLiving and working downtown, I get views of the Freedom Tower everyday. It really is so breathtaking.

Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up

After work on Friday, Alex and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Boqueria. If you are in the mood for tapas, I HIGHLY suggest stopping by! I have to admit, I forgot to take a picture of the food because I was so hungry I dug right in! Oops! If you stop by, order: Bacon Wrapped Dates, Croquettes, Gambas, Patatas Bravas and Oxtail Stuffed Piqullio Peppers. YUMMMMM!

Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up


Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday morning I met up with Ashley Zeal from Two Peas in a Prada for an outfit shoot (coming soon) and brunch. Ashley is originally from Reno (now based in San Francisco), where I went to college and we have about a million mutual friends but had never met before. I started following her blog as soon as she and her best friend, Emily, launched it over a year ago and became instantly addicted. When we finally met in person on Saturday, it felt like I was meeting up with a life long friend. We got a long so well and had the most wonderful day. She is a fantastic person, and I can’t wait to one day meet Emily as well! Definitely go check out their blog! I know you’ll love it!

Her Open Window Weekend Wrap UpHer Open Window Weekend Wrap Up
Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up

We spent the afternoon brunching at Extra Virgin (Get the Baked Eggs!) and walking around the West Village. Stopped by Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and into cute shops like Bookmarc. (PS Just finished The Good Girl by Mary Kubica, I highly recommend it!!)


Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up
Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up

Her Open Window Weekend Wrap Up
Sunday afternoon, Alex and I spent the whole day walking around our neighborhood and enjoying the incredible weather. We stopped in for brunch at Laconda Verde, where you cannot go wrong with what you order – it’s one of my favorite restaurants, and ended the day with junk food and a Netflix marathon.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead!

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Some of my favorite spots in the city just happen to be some of the least ‘pretty’. Many times when doing blog shoots, I gravitate to walls with graffiti, or damaged door ways; places where the beauty may not be so obvious. These places are full of character and photograph so well.

This was shot on the rooftop of my work. It is not the best view of the city, landscaped, or even painted. But it is a part of New York, maybe has a story, and to me was full of wonder. I love this city, I love it’s nooks and crannies and I love that overall, it is truly beautiful.


Overall Skirt. Her Open Window A Blog by Carina RodriguezOverall Skirt. Her Open Window A Blog by Carina RodriguezOverall Skirt. Her Open Window A Blog by Carina Rodriguez

Outfit Details:

Top // Forever21

Overall Skirt // Forever21

Shoes // Tibi

Bag // Marc by Marc (old) Similar

Under $100 Options:

Shoes // Zara (So cute!)

Bag // Zara

Have a wonderful week!