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I absolutely cannot believe that this is my last set of photos of me pregnant. 2016 was such an incredible year and it ended the best way it could, with my perfect baby boy (I will introduce you to him soon!). I am pretty shocked that I am 11 days into the new year and this is my first post. Today also happens to be my 31st birthday and I am so excited to start this new year and new age with my sweet boy. The timing is really amazing.

Time seems to fly with a newborn and my days are 150% focused on my sweet boy. I will post his birth story and all my suggestions for how to prep for a hospital stay. There are a lot of changes happening in my life and that will be reflected in the blog as well, thank you all for staying with me during this last year during some pretty inconsistent posting. I hope to start new, and refreshed for 2017 and create some new fun content for you! I also plan on bringing you along my ‘getting my body back after baby’ chapter in my life. I will be very transparent about the whole thing, is there anything else anyone wants to know about? Shoot me an email!

Now to the outfit: If you have followed me for a while, you will know I am all about the casual basics. While pregnant I really stuck to my regular style and kept it simple. This dress from Pink Blush Maternity (obsessed with their robes as well) and cardigan from Mavi were go-tos for me because they were so easy, flattering and comfortable. Not to mention, they are both affordable. The cardi is actually something I haven’t taken off since having the baby. I can wear it around the house and layer it since it has been so freezing here in NYC. I am so happy I loaded up on cardigans while preggo, something that I could buy in my regular size to wear after baby as well. If you are expecting during fall and winter, I highly suggest buying tons of cardigans! Another plus, they cover your growing booty, not too sure why…but the booty tends to grow during pregnancy too…or was that just me?

Her Open Window // Maternity Wear

Sweater Dress: Pink Blush Maternity c/o Cardigan: Mavi c/o (Not available) Identical HERE and only $32

Beanie: Rag and Bone (Old) Similar Shoes: Converse Sunnies: Le Specs Bag: Gucci 

Her Open Window // Maternity Wear

I did a little ‘treat-yo-self’ and bought this bag about a month ago. If you need a new splurge-worthy bag, this is it!

Her Open Window // Maternity WearHer Open Window // Maternity WearHer Open Window // Maternity WearHer Open Window // Maternity WearHer Open Window // Maternity WearHer Open Window // Maternity Wear



How far along?
38 weeks and 6 days
Baby Boy
Due Date?
Any day now! Follow on Insta for all updates!
Keep an eye out on social! So excited to share it!
Weight gain?
Oh yes, I’ve gained enough! I felt pretty insecure about my weight gain in the first two trimesters, but over all, I am fine with how much weight I gained. I know it will take a ton of work to lose it all, but I plan on starting a new health series once I am cleared to work out.
Maternity clothes?
Scroll down to check out the incredible line, Isabella Oliver. Her clothes are absolutely beautiful, very well made, and the chicest designs. The clothing really looks like non-maternity. Mamas to be, please check it out, you will be in love!
Baby movement?
 Oh yes. TONS of kicks, shifts and punches!
But, my little one hasn’t flipped; he is breech. We found out at my 32 week appointment and it doesn’t look like he is moving. He is VERY comfortable right side up, seems to be a particular little guy! I was bummed when I found out he wasn’t moving and that I most likely wouldn’t be able to deliver naturally. There are a few options when it comes to breech babies and their deliveries, but my husband and I were not at all comfortable with the doctor manually turning the baby, so we opted to schedule a c section. I will let you ladies know about the recovery and how things go. I am nervous to say the least, but my excitement far outweighs my nerves.
Haha what’s that? I am barely getting through the night, but I guess that is just God’s way of getting new moms ready for sleepless nights ahead!
  They mainly went away, except I have started craving cookies like crazy! New Yorkers, have you tried Insomnia Cookies or the chocolate chip cookies at The Standard Grill? Dangerous!
I can eat chicken again! I couldn’t up until about a month ago. It was the weirdest thing!
Well, did you know Carpal Tunnel is a temporary pregnancy symptom? Ha! Me either. Well, I have it in my hands and it makes sleeping that much more tough. My fingers are sore and tingly. It’s so annoying! Also, joint pain and hip pain. Blah!
Missing anything?
Drinking and sushi! I am so ready to have a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve!!
 Well…. no. I really had zero motivation to work out. I am a person who enjoys working out, but just could not get it together during my pregnancy.
Best moment this week?
Starting Maternity Leave. I worked until Saturday night, so I have only had 4 days off, but I am so happy to have had this time to rest. I’ve been nesting like crazy and I am so so so excited to meet my boy. Seriously SO close!
Looking forward to?
Meeting my little man!!

On my mind?

Although, I have not loved being pregnant, (it’s tough people!) but I am feeling sad that it is coming to the end. I will miss this belly and feeling my baby move all day long. I’ve loved learning about pregnancy, taking classes and reading up on my growing boy. The whole experience is incredible, but tough, so tough. I am relieved to get my body back and get rid of these symptoms, but I really have loved carrying a part of my husband around with me and growing our baby. Ugh, so emotional!

Her Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity Wear
Her Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity Wear

Her Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity WearHer Open Window // Isabella Oliver Maternity Wear

Shop my look and Isabella Oliver picks:

Be sure to follow along on Insta for baby updates!!

Last week Christmas came early when I opened up the most lovely gift from Bonjour Baby Baskets. After I pulled the beautiful ribbon and packaging off the basket, I found the most beautiful and quality gifts for my sweet boy! As an expectant mother no gift is more fitting during the holidays than something for my new baby. And the best gifts are ones that are carefully thought out (and things I will actually use)! You can scroll through their themed baskets or BYOB (build your own basket). Susana, the lovely owner, built my basket based on colors and ideas I gave her, and it was perfect. I know you will love Bonjour Baby Baskets as much as I do.

How cute are the clothes, the bandana bib and solar system swaddle?! Not to mention, the fabrics are all so soft, I know my boy will be so cozy in everything. Susana also added visual stimulation cards, I can’t wait to start using them! Another amazing plus about the products is that the team hand curates, is that they are all eco-friendly and they support small and locally owned businesses. This is something that has become really important to me, my husband owns several restaurants and knowing the challenges of being a business owner, empowers me to shop small. I hope you are also empowered to shop small this holiday season, check out Bonjour Baby Baskets for any new mom or dad on your list.

Check out all AMAZING Bonjour Baby Baskets HERE

Check out more of my baby gifts below! Great for boys and girls.




Sneak peek into the nursery reveal!

Wow! I am coming off of the most incredible weekend. My baby shower was yesterday and it was one of the most special days of my life. My home was filled with the closest people in my life including my mom and two friends who flew from LA and Reno, celebrating my sweet baby boy. (There were just a handful of key players were missing because they live cross country, but they were totally here in spirit!) The love I felt was enormous and I had a huge smile on my face the whole day. My sister-in-law hosted the event and my husband took care of all of the food from his new restaurant. It was perfect and beyond what I every imagined. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I will share the photos with you all asap!

Baby boy is totally spoiled already and Alex and I feel more than grateful to have been showered with such incredible gifts. I have decided to start a series of baby must haves. Now, I realize I am not an expert on this yet, but with the most amazing mothers as friends and family, I have quite the collection of items that come highly recommended.

Shop my picks below of items we received that I registered for because of the HIGH recommendations, things we still need to buy and things that are just too cute to pass up. I recently went crazy on Etsy, so I included those items too!

Mom Recommended:

I want to make all baby food for my son and my girlfriend who did that same says the Beaba Cooker is the best. My other girlfriend says she never bought a highchair because this was perfect, small and east to use everywhere including at home. My friend who just had a baby in August swears by this bouncer.

Still on the need list:

Just too cute:

Etsy Crazed:

Bandanas, Personalized Blanket, Cutest coming outfit ever here and here, beanie.

Thanks for stopping by!



Maternity Picks // Her Open Window

Top and SkirtNineteenSixtyFive The Label c/o

Happy Monday!

Since finding out I was pregnant, I promised myself I would not lose my own personal style. I knew I would start to become pretty uncomfortable as my belly would grow and I really set a goal to put together outfits and looks everyday to continue to feel like myself. Doing this has been pretty simple once I nailed down some staples I have worn and reworn over and over again. It’s really been about finding comfortable staples and mixing and matching with outerwear like vests, cardigans and jackets. Having this sweet belly in the cooler weather has been really fun style wise for me, it’s all about layering and rotation! Here are my tips for fall maternity dressing and scroll down for all of my favorite picks.

Jackets: This one has been easy and a total no-brainer! I have my favorite fall jackets hanging in my closet already and if I have bought any new ones, I know I can wear them after the baby comes too. This one and this one (under $100) are on my radar and this one has been my favorite purchase this fall.

Dusters and cardigans: Pregnant. Woman’s. Savior. Something people don’t mention to you before you get pregnant is that your thighs and booty get bigger. (Unless you are one of those women who don’t seem to gain weight anywhere else but your belly – Are those women real?? #iamnotoneofthosegirls) For me, this weight gain has been pretty uncomfortable. I work hard to stay a certain size while not pregnant, and my growing body has not made me feel, well…sexy. But, dusters and cardigans have saved me. I wear them mostly every day and I feel like they just add to my outfits, plus, they are cozy. Best part, no money wasted, all can be worn post pregnancy too!

Dresses: As of now, I have been able to buy dresses a size or two up, throw on a cardi and call it a day. (And add my fav accessories.) I have found ones made from cotton or spandex/stretch, with rushing and/or midi length are the best. Short dresses just get shorter as I grow, and ones with no stretch or a zipper are impossible. Forever21 has been a life saver. Don’t waste your money on pricey maternity dresses!

Bottoms: Ok, I think if you are to spend money on any maternity piece, it is jeans. If you are preggo in the fall or winter, you need them and you just want to be comfortable. The hair-tie trick can work up until a certain point, but jeans with no stretch at the waist can just make you crazy. My favorites have been these. They are worth every penny. They stay up, have stretch and are super comfy. Other than jeans, I am living in leggings and hanging out in comfy joggers like these, loooove them.

Tops: Confession – I’ve rotated these tanks and tops everyday. You just need a few colors and add a duster, cardi or vest and your look changes. It’s all about rotation ladies!

Shop my picks:

Bras: NO WIRES for me! I love these. Enough said.

Dusters and Cardigans:


Jeans, Leggings and Joggers:


Happy Shopping!