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Maternity Wear: Fall Must Haves

Maternity Picks // Her Open Window

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Happy Monday!

Since finding out I was pregnant, I promised myself I would not lose my own personal style. I knew I would start to become pretty uncomfortable as my belly would grow and I really set a goal to put together outfits and looks everyday to continue to feel like myself. Doing this has been pretty simple once I nailed down some staples I have worn and reworn over and over again. It’s really been about finding comfortable staples and mixing and matching with outerwear like vests, cardigans and jackets. Having this sweet belly in the cooler weather has been really fun style wise for me, it’s all about layering and rotation! Here are my tips for fall maternity dressing and scroll down for all of my favorite picks.

Jackets: This one has been easy and a total no-brainer! I have my favorite fall jackets hanging in my closet already and if I have bought any new ones, I know I can wear them after the baby comes too. This one and this one (under $100) are on my radar and this one has been my favorite purchase this fall.

Dusters and cardigans: Pregnant. Woman’s. Savior. Something people don’t mention to you before you get pregnant is that your thighs and booty get bigger. (Unless you are one of those women who don’t seem to gain weight anywhere else but your belly – Are those women real?? #iamnotoneofthosegirls) For me, this weight gain has been pretty uncomfortable. I work hard to stay a certain size while not pregnant, and my growing body has not made me feel, well…sexy. But, dusters and cardigans have saved me. I wear them mostly every day and I feel like they just add to my outfits, plus, they are cozy. Best part, no money wasted, all can be worn post pregnancy too!

Dresses: As of now, I have been able to buy dresses a size or two up, throw on a cardi and call it a day. (And add my fav accessories.) I have found ones made from cotton or spandex/stretch, with rushing and/or midi length are the best. Short dresses just get shorter as I grow, and ones with no stretch or a zipper are impossible. Forever21 has been a life saver. Don’t waste your money on pricey maternity dresses!

Bottoms: Ok, I think if you are to spend money on any maternity piece, it is jeans. If you are preggo in the fall or winter, you need them and you just want to be comfortable. The hair-tie trick can work up until a certain point, but jeans with no stretch at the waist can just make you crazy. My favorites have been these. They are worth every penny. They stay up, have stretch and are super comfy. Other than jeans, I am living in leggings and hanging out in comfy joggers like these, loooove them.

Tops: Confession – I’ve rotated these tanks and tops everyday. You just need a few colors and add a duster, cardi or vest and your look changes. It’s all about rotation ladies!

Shop my picks:

Bras: NO WIRES for me! I love these. Enough said.

Dusters and Cardigans:


Jeans, Leggings and Joggers:


Happy Shopping!





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