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Week 28 Pregnancy Update

Week 28 - Third Trimester Update // Her Open Window

I am officially in my third trimester!! Where is time going?! Here is my 28 week update and items I cannot live without!
How far along?
28 weeks
Baby Boy
Due Date?
December 29.
We have his name! We have actually had it for a long time, just not sharing on social media yet. You will have to wait for when he comes!
Weight gain?
Yes. Yes…Yes. Then a plateau. Has this happened to anyone else? I gained most of my weight so far up until 24 weeks then the last 4 have plateaued out. Weird right?
Maternity clothes?
Still loving maternity jeans like these and just opened a big box of maternity tops from ASOS. But the jeans I am obsessing over are Mavi. I’ve been a big Mavi fan for a long time now and when they told me they launched their maternity line, I was 100% on board. Check them out here! Full post coming soon!
Baby movement?
 Baby boy is STRONG!! Kicking, moving and a-shaking all in my belly. At this point I can see my belly moving and shifting as he moves too. He is sitting pretty low so kicks to the bladder are pretty interesting to say the least, but thankfully, he moves a lot so they don’t last too long! Belly button is still in but it is just about flat at this point, about to pop. Eek!
Feeling my son move has by far been my favorite part of my pregnancy.
 This has gotten better, thank God. I think I figured out the pillow situation and I am loving my body pillow! I think I was so scared that I would roll on my back (a pregnancy no-no) or crush my boy by leaning too far on my belly that it was waking me up all night long. After it was explained to me how protected my boy is in my belly, I relaxed and was able to sleep comfortably on my side. Again, thank God.
  Gummy worms. Chocolate. Cereal. Avocado toast. Just not all together!
Chicken! I know weird! I can’t do it.
 Getting biiiig! Lower back pain and my legs are killing me. Also, I have been really out of breath. All ‘normal’ I guess!
Missing anything?
My birthday is January 11 so I am praying my first cocktail in 40+ weeks will be then!!
 I’ve been active but not working out a ton. I went to a boxing class last week and loved it. I will probably go back this week!
Best moment this week?
Starting construction on the nursery!! It should be done Wednesday and I cannot wait to show you all the before and after! Alex and I have been working hard on getting ready for baby. FULL nesting mode in our home. We are going through everything, cleaning, organizing and prepping for baby boy. We shopped all day Saturday and have all furniture purchased and  finishing up the small stuff. About to go crazy on! We are on it!
Looking forward to?
Finishing up the nursery! Also, we are headed to my home town this weekend and I am so excited for my mom to see my growing belly!!

On my mind?

Birthing experience. I always said I wanted an epidural, but I am now highly considering a completely natural birth. I am doing a ton of research right now!

Things I can’t live without?

Honest Belly Balm, my friend Emily recommended this on her blog during her first pregnancy and it is pure gold, her suggestion is to apply from knees to nipples! Best advice!

These Honest Company prenatals. A perfect prenatal is really hard to come by! This one is, in my opinion, the best on the market. It has everything you need during pregnancy and over 100% almost every vitamin or mineral. Bonus: you can take on an empty tummy, before breakfast, and it won’t make you feel sick. I  also take these with my prenatals.

Shop my look from above:

Have a great week!





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