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25 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along?
25 weeks
Baby Boy
Weight gain?
Ok, so I have promised to be totally open and honest here on the blog and I want to share my pregnancy with you, but this I am going to be a bit discreet on. I do not want to tell you how much I have gained for the sole reason that I do not want anyone comparing themselves to me. Whether it’s wow, I gained so much less… she must be eating a ton. Or.. wow I gained so much more, am I doing something wrong? I know this may not seem like a big deal to some, I mean, you gain weight when your preggo, but it can be hard to control. Everyone’s body is different, every pregnancy is different, and everyone handles pregnancy differently. Doctors say if you are not over or under weight, you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Basically 0-5 pounds until week 14 then a pound a week after that until week 40. Now that is pretty specific if you ask me and I do not know if it’s possible for anyone’s body to work so ‘perfectly’. I am so over the: ohh she looks so amazing, she only gained weight in her belly, oh she is so teeny still… ohh blah blah. Our bodies are incredible, as women we are given the greatest gift, being able to grow a HUMAN! Let us grow and gain whatever weight we gain in peace.
So, yes, I have gained weight and all is healthy. Yes, my whole body has gained weight, not just my belly.
Maternity clothes?
Oh yea girl. I am loving me some maternity clothes. I am wearing a lot of my non maternity tops and dresses, but I am integrating maternity clothing slowly into the mix. I am loving these tops from Target. They are so soft and comfortable. I just ordered these pants and they are AMAZING. I am also loving these and these maternity jeans. PS: Maternity jeans are so comfortable. I mean I would wear them not preggo. Kidding! Well… maybe…
Baby movement?
 Baby is moving so much!! I am obsessed with feeling his kicks and shifts. Sometimes I wake up with my arm wrapped around my belly because I can feel him even in my sleep. Alex has felt him kick so many times and it makes me so happy that he can experience his boy moving too!
 Ugh. I am not sleeping well at all. I cannot get comfortable and I toss and turn all night. Also, I pee like 50 times a night. It hasn’t been easy, but I know it’s going to be like this for a long time when baby comes. Just gotta get used to it.
  Every now and then I realllly want gummy worms and I have been making everything I eat spicy. I add hot sauce, pepperoncinis  or jalapeños to everything, even salad. I can’t stop!
 So, there are so many things that ‘they’ do not tell you about pregnancy. A lot of surprises that are totally normal but you are not expecting. Like hormonal headaches, acne, hair not being voluminous and amazing, big nipples (seriously big), dental issues… the list goes on and on. I am lucky that my skin has been really clear other than a few weeks in the beginning, but the body aches and back aches have been killing me. I get out of breath really easily. My hair is meh… but my nails have been soon strong! I have gotten a few headaches and a bad cold and the hormones are a bitch, but all in all I am feeling great. Thankful and counting down the weeks to meet our little man!
Missing anything?
 Soft cheeses (I looooove cheese) and cocktails. I would love spicy margarita these days. It will taste so good in a few months!
 I should be working out more, but I have been 1 to 2 times a week. I know pathetic. Hubs is trying to motivate me to kick it up a notch!
Best moment this week?
Every time Alex rubs my belly. I love it. It makes me feel so excited. I am carrying around a piece of him all day and it is such a beautiful miracle. I love when he rubs my belly to say hi to our boy. Gives me all the feels.
Looking forward to?
Meeting baby!!!!

On my mind?

I dream about who he will be, what he will love, what he will be good at, who he will look like. I cannot wait to watch him become a man as good as his dad is.

Her Open Window blog by: Carina Rodriguez

Dress: ASOS Sneakers: Adidas Bomber: Missguided Sunnies: LeSpecs Watch: Valor

Her Open Window blog by: Carina Rodriguez
Her Open Window blog by: Carina RodriguezHer Open Window blog by: Carina RodriguezHer Open Window blog by: Carina RodriguezHer Open Window blog by: Carina RodriguezHer Open Window blog by: Carina Rodriguez

Her Open Window blog by: Carina Rodriguez




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